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Happy Birthday Hotfoil Stamp - AG & CO

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Happy Birthday Hotfoil Plate - Size: 63.7 x 51.1mm | 2.5 x 2in - AG & CO

Couture Creations-Anna Griffin Hotfoil Plate: Happy Birthday. These are the perfect addition to your next paper crafting project and more! For use in conjunction with the Foil'N Go Pro Machine. This package contains one 2-3/4x2-1/4 inch metal die. Imported.

Place a hotfoil plate on the heating platform of the GoPress & Foil machine (CO725334) and let it warm up for 30 seconds or more. Place a piece of foil (colored side down and precut to the size of the plate) on top of the plate. Cover with card or project piece to be foiled. Close lid, remove platform from heating unit and run slowly through a die-cutting machine. Open lid and take out project. Peel off extra foil to reveal design. A hotfoil plate can also be used to emboss the design into cardstock using the GoPress & Foil Machine unheated. Open the cover, place plate on platform, cover with cardstock and run through a die-cutting machine. Open the cover, take out the project and reveal the design embossed in the cardstock.