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Chameleon Pencil Set 25 Pencils

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Chameleon Pencils

Specially designed pencils with colors paired for perfect color blends. Just “FLIP” to blend!

With Chameleon Pencils, you can:

  • Change the color tone with pressure.
  • Mix colors to blend.
  • Layer the intense colors to create even more shades.
  • Highly pigmented, with an ultra-smooth consistency.
  • Permanent.
  • Break resistant, with a 3.8mm thick lead.
  • Pre-sharpened.
  • Color matched, meaning no more searching through hundreds of pencils for similar or complementary colors.
  • Slightly harder consistency than other pencils ensuring both your pencil and your point will last longer.

To get beautiful depth and dimension with pencils, you’ll find that you need a large collection. Plus, you’ll be hunting through to find colors that match to create those precise blends. Chameleon Pencils come with two perfectly matched color tones that are ready for you to create stunningly blended masterpieces.

You can still get lighter and darker tones by varying the pressure on the pencils, but now you can easily blend between the colors with Chameleon Pencils. Simply flip the pencil and tap into the range of tones provided by just a single pencil.

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